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Lloyd Hotel is a hotel housed in a historic building in the Eastern Docklands of Amsterdam, commissioned by the Royal Holland Lloyd (Koninklijke Hollandsche Lloyd). Founded as a hotel, it initially housed travelling immigrants. Later, it was used as a detention centre and was also home to artists' studios. It is an official national monument of the Netherlands.

An angry customer shared his bad experience in a review called "6 reasons not to book with this hotel"

- The room I chose did not look like the pictures and felt sterile and cold. - The shower doors close and make a loud bang waking me up constantly, some noise dampening would be great. - Common noise is so loud all the time, leaving doors and talking in the hallway, this is not normal like other hotels. - The booking was split into two for an unknown reason, perhaps the hotel could have merged them together to save me having to pointlessly reactivate my room card, and save someone calling me in the middle of a concert to ask where I am. - Organizing the cleaning of the communal bathroom to a time that is not likely to be needed by guests for example, not 9-10am. - Some kind of gesture of goodwill instead of apathy was non existent."


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